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Laurier BBA First-Year Electives?

A photo of jdizzy jdizzy
I've selected most of my elective courses already, however, there's one spot left.

I'm looking at either GS101, GG101, SY101, or PS101. Which one is the EASIEST? It'd be great if you could rank them in order from least to most difficult.
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A photo of jdizzy jdizzy
Just bumping this as I'd really love to get you Laurier students' opinions.
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A photo of tiramisu tiramisu
SY101 was real easy.
2 writing assignments (pretty easy), and multiple choice midterms + exam.

My best friend took GS101, the exam and midterms consisted of short answers plus multiple choice. It wasn't that hard, you can get good marks if you work at it but I don't think it was much of a bird course. It was interesting though (if you're into that stuff). You have 5% quizzes at lectures which is like 5 clicker questions.

...I don't know a lot about the other two but according to my roommates ps101 is a little more challenging and GG101 is boring as hell
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A photo of caveman caveman
What other electives have you taken? There's easier ones than the ones you have listed.
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A photo of scollyhunter scollyhunter
I'm a double degree student who didn't have any electives first year but still ended up with an average higher than majority of single degree students I'm sure. Simply put, put in the time to be successful and you receive high grades in all your courses.
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