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Laurier BBA March/April acceptances

A photo of michellec16 michellec16
I read from the forums that laurier uses your top 3 grade 11 marks and top 3 grade 12 marks to calculate your average. Does that include prerequisites or is it just the top 3 if you took the required prerequisites already? My average for that is a 84.1% so do i have a chance with the abs? My average for just top 6 grade 12 credits would be 82% however. Do they calculate your grade 12 credits to see if it's above the cut-off also or no? I also have extenuating cirumstances and i am a fifth year student.
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A photo of lilballer12 lilballer12
They use your top three gr.11 and top 3 gr.12 for the 2nd round of acceptances I think. The third round would most likely be all gr.12 marks including mid-terms. This is just to my understanding at least because their site said only first and second round of acceptances looked at gr.11 marks.
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