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Laurier BBA or UTSC Coop?

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Hey guys,i know i made a previous post a couple of weeks ago, but time is running out and i still have yet to decide. Any opinions or information will help! I am leaning towards the utsc program only because coop is in a way guaranteed, as long as i don't fail miserably.However, everybody tells me how terrible the campus is. At Laurier it would be a bit tougher to get into coop since it is only for the top 25% of students.I understand that in order to get the good jobs at utsc coop, i would need a high GPA anyways. I guess it just appeals to me becuase remaining in coop is easier.... I would hate myself if i chose utsc and regretted the decision, meanwhile im not guaranteed a better school experience from laurier (or am i)? Program wise, which would be better if i'm aiming for a destination in finance or accounting? (If Laurier, even without coop?)
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I would say Laurier, not to hate on UT (still bittersweet about being rejected -__-).

People say that at UT, you do get a whole lot to do in town, but inevitably you spend a lot of your time studying because profs can be tough. My brother goes to UTSC for a Stats major and a Psych minor. Because of the workload, you won't find a lot to do... and UTSC's all the way east - maybe I'd understand if it was UTSG. Imo, UTSG's the one that's internationally recognized, not so much UTM or UTSC.

I'd say that also because Laurier's in a university town, there might be more job opportunities opening up for summer internships, even if you don't get co-op. My friend told me the cutoff for cut-off was like an 8.4 or 8.2 out of the 12-point system.

Note that my friend told me 43% of BBAs ****ed up this year. Be careful...
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If you can get co-op at Laurier, it will likely be better.

If you can get good co-op jobs at UTSC, you can get into co-op at Laurier.

If you aren't in the top 1/3 of your class, you will still be in co-op at UTSC.

The programs aren't too different, so examine which school you would prefer to go and look at what courses you like better.
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