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Laurier BBA/Financial Math Questions

A photo of VivekanJey VivekanJey
Hey, I don't know too much about Laurier so I was wondering:

1) What can you possibly do with the BBA/Financial Math program at Laurier? In terms of like job prospects (CA, CFA, Actuary and etc.). Can i possibly pursue study in Actuarial Science, and be eligible to write the CFA, CA, and/or Actuary exams??

2) when they say you're guaranteed co-op what do they mean? Like don't I still have to apply for my coop placements individually like other coop programs (i.e. UTSC Coop Management, AFM and etc.)??

Thanks a lot for any ideas.
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A photo of AdJan AdJan

@VivekanJey wrote

2) when they say you're guaranteed co-op what do they mean? Like don't I still have to apply for my coop placements individually like other coop programs (i.e. UTSC Coop Management, AFM and etc.)??

Co-op guaranteed means you'll have the opportunity to have co-op work terms during your university education. By guaranteed, it means that if you're in the program then you can do co-op. It doesn't exempt you from applications or interviews, whether you're in Waterloo co-op or Laurier co-op you'll be applying for the same positions.

However, guaranteed co-op for FARM is an advantage per say to Laurier BBA, where co-op is not guaranteed. Laurier BBA students apply for co-op after 1st year I think, and not everyone is accepted to be in Laurier's co-op experience.

AFM, UTSC, Math/CA are all guartanteed co-op programs. (Not necessarily you'll get a placement though).

Laurier BBA is not guaranteed.
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A photo of shandal shandal
adjan have any idea what gpa i need first year to be gaurenteed co op in laurier bba/ financial math? or any uni such as utsc co op mgnt etc?
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A photo of DRose01 DRose01
if i remember correctly from last year, co op for just bba is not guaranteed but for financial math + bba it is
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A photo of caveman caveman
In Laurier BBA + Financial Math, you are guaranteed to be IN THE CO-OP PROGRAM (same as Waterloo AFM, UTSC, UW/WLU DD, etc.)

In Laurier BBA, you have to apply to co-op after first year and are not guaranteed to be in the co-op program as such.

Just because you are in the co-op program DOES NOT mean you are guaranteed a placement. They can never guarantee you a job, and there are some students who cannot find employment.

@shandal: as you can see from what I just wrote, within those two programs you will be guaranteed to be in the co-op program (note there are certain progression requirements for co-op in many programs, so they may require you to maintain a 70 average and a 65 in your core courses or something). If you were wanting an average that guarantees you a job, there really isn't one. The higher the better, as always, but it comes down to much more than just grades.

@VivekanJey: Since I don't see anyone else answering this for you-

This program will definitely prepare you for the CFA designation. It's more of a self-study thing compared to the CA designation, but the combination of finance courses and financial mathematics courses should prepare you quite well to begin writing the exams in 4th year or so.

For a CA designation, I'm not even sure if you can fit all of the required accounting courses into this program with the current structure. I'd suggest speaking with an undergraduate advisor. You might have to stay back a semester or two, overload, take courses in the summer/during co-op, and have some of your prerequisites changed. I'm just casually looking at the program sequence, and you're required to take a good number of math, finance, and "non-BU" (non-business) courses.

For Actuarial Science, I don't think this program will get you there. I'm not an Actuary and I don't know the exact requirements or anything, but this is the impression I get: The math and finance courses seem to have a strong focus on financial markets, covering topics such as arbitrage-free pricing, the Black-Scholes model, etc., and heavy in calculus and linear algebra, whereas the Actuarial Science options at Waterloo cover more risk management, loss models, pension and life insurance policies and models, life contingencies, and more statistics and probability. I would speak to someone at Laurier who knows this stuff inside and out. Make sure you're not just talking to some dumb admissions person who says "oh yeah, it's got lots of math and stuff, you'll be able to become an actuary" when the answer really is no (should that be the case).
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