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Hi I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on Laurier's communications program (whether it be positive or negative) and just general opinions on the school itself (rez, social life, profs, etc) Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! [size=7][/size]
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I am actually a English/Communications double major at Laurier, and though I am only a first year at the moment I am still happy to help!

The communications program itself is great. Mass Communications, which is one of the two required communications courses for first year, is incredibly interesting. You get an introduction to things like Public Relations, Advertising, the Internet, Newspapers....all sorts. I definitely learned a lot, and the list of topics for the final essay were all quite interesting, so it was hard to choose. But trust me, each topic will teach you a ton that will definitely be useful!

As for upper years, all of the courses I have looked at seem like they would be extremely beneficial. Also, my icebreaker for Orientation Week was a Communications student and she told me quite a bit about the upper years, and let me tell you, everything sounds amazing.

As for residence, it is really just luck. I am in Bricker, which is the only on-campus apartment style residence and so far I am really enjoying it. There have been a few problems, but not that many and it's really only typical things that you would get anywhere. With the other residences, everything that I have seen looks pretty good. On the roommate front...it is 100% luck since the application isn't very detailed. Because of this problems are more likely to happen with roommates, but so far I have found that those problems are easy to solve with the help of the Don.

You basically have a 50/50 chance with professors. However, there are some amazing professors at Laurier and many of them teach first year classes. My Mass Communications professor was pretty good, though my Spanish prof (Mercedes Rowinsky) is FANTASTIC. If she is teaching SP100 (or 101 and 102) and you are going to Laurier and have nothing against Spanish...take her class. You will NOT regret it!

I've got to run now, but I hope that I was some help :) Feel free to message me if you want more information!
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