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Laurier Financial Math/BBA

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does anyone know much about it? how good is it and what does it deal with? how does it compare to the other elite business programs. Thank you very much :)
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I applied to this program too, and I was shocked to see there were no threads on this program. Apparently the cut-off last year was 88?

I'd also like to know more information if anyone has.
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It's mostly like doing the BBA program, but you take a few less "BU courses/electives" and a TON of Math courses. In first year you take 5 math courses, and that holds fairly constant over your 4-5 years.

You had better like math if you're doing it. I'm not sure how hard the math courses are, I mean Laurier's not known for their math courses so I wouldn't think they'd be super difficult, although at the same time it won't be a walk in the park.

I'd suggest checking out the undergraduate calendar. http://www.wlu.ca/calendars/program.php?cal=1&d=952&p=1924&s=440&y=49

There is co-op. Since it's like Laurier Business, put it roughly on par with it. Depending on what you're doing, the math may or may not come in handy. Like if you were to do investment banking (just note that it's not likely out of Laurier) most of them don't do much more than add/subtract/multiply/divide so ~20 math courses will be kind of useless. But other areas of finance are math-heavy, so in those areas it could pay off. In those cases, it's better than just BBA as you have those added skills. But those areas have students from math programs and such competing for jobs (moreso than other business areas) so it's not as if you are suddenly the most elite.

If you have any more specific questions, I can try to help you out. I briefly considered applying last year (ruled it out quickly) so did some research.
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