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Laurier or Western for becoming a Chartered Accountant?

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Hi, I have been accepted to the western bmos and global economics program, but also the Laurier honours buisness administration. I live in London and attending Western would allow me to leave undergrad school with 0 debt, but laurier would put me 30 000-40 000$ in debt. I want to become a chartered accountant and i know Laurier has a great accredited chartered accountancy program, but Western also offers the complete "51 hour requirement". After university you must apply to Ca training offices and i was just wondering if the person who goes to Laurier over western will have an advantage in completing there CA designation? Is it worth going to Laurier and taking big debt, just because of their co-op and accredited program? Or will Western be good enough to become a CA? I'm also interested in working internationally, so would it be better to take global economics instead of bmos ( heard its not that good) ? Please correct me also if the process to becoming a CA isn't correct. My friend's mom became a CA through western bmos without Ivey, so wouldn't it be better to not take on debt for a program that will get me to the same place?
(i did not get AEO, but i would apply after second year)

Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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Did you forget about this?- http://www.studentawards.com/Forum.aspx?g=posts&t=6102
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A photo of thecookiemonster thecookiemonster
lol ya i was like "haven't i posted here before?"
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Definitely Laurier. It's one of the four best accounting programs in Ontario IMHO.
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