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Laurier Vs Brock

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Out of these two universities which one is better in terms of co-op opportunites, UFE preparation, social life and quality of education. Im really confused since i kNnow that Brock has guaranteed co-op, and laurier doesnt, but laurier has the better name. Brock has 16 months of co-op (could be up to 20) and is also giving me a greater scholarship plus an $600 iPad. Where should i go????

Also, which one has hotter girls:colors:
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Just so you know, this is a very subjective topic. I will say that they are fairly even, and you really can't go wrong with either. It's a personal choice.

Co-op: Brock has 12 months (chance of up to 16), with 2 workterms in the busy season. Laurier has 12 months, with 1 workterm in the busy season. Brock has guaranteed co-op, Laurier doesn't. Laurier probably gives you a slightly better chance of getting employment (not everyone in Brock is able to get a job).

Winner: I'll give a slight edge to Brock.

UFE Preparation: This is done by your employer. Just as a throw-in here, Laurier students usually win the most gold medals for the UFE, and last time stats were published had the third highest passing %, for whatever reason.

Winner: No one.

Social Life: Purely subjective. Laurier's known as a bit of a party school, but at the same time everyone that goes there say they love Brock. Visit the campuses and talk to some current students, and try to make your own decision.

Winner: You Decide

Quality of Education: In the end you get taught the same things really. The only difference is that at Brock you get more accounting courses and at Laurier you get more business courses (just a few more for both). Take a look at the course sequencing and the course descriptions, and see which one you prefer.

Winner: You Decide

Reputation: Both have pretty good reputations for accounting, and are both fully-accredited by the ICAO. Brock's known for accounting only, Laurier is known for business, but mostly accounting.

Winner: I'll give the slight edge to Laurier.

Overall Winner: Oh look, it evens out! They're both great schools. Visit each, talk to some current students, and weight the factors that matter most (e.g. do you highly value one extra co-op term during tax season, do you care more about the campus life, etc.) and make your own decision. There's no easy answer here.

My answer (in case you're interested): Laurier

Oh, and hottest girls: Laurier ;)
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