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A photo of loohopefull94 loohopefull94
Hey all,

I was looking at the laurier BBA first year courses and I saw 3 diffrent maths, which is the easiest and also how do they decide which math you take. Also why is stats not counted as a credit?

thank you
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2 replies
A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
MA129 is easiest, then MA110, then MA130 (or is it 103, I forget lol)

Take 129, it's so easy. If you took grade 12 calc you're golden (y)

EDIT: They don't decide, you do
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A photo of lovehk78 lovehk78
Yea, I agree MA129 is the easiest, although the labs are harder than the exams. For sure gr 12 calc was a big help. If you want to take upper year math then ma129 will not allow you to do that. So check prerequisites.
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