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A photo of vjrotman vjrotman
Is the double degree is laurier really worth it. I got into the the laurier BBA program but people are telling me that the double degree is so much better and that I should really switch and apply to the double degree. Dont know if it can be done and if its really worth so any input would be great.

Also does the regular BBA program have co-op?
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A photo of kinnikinnik kinnikinnik
Well the DD doesn't give you any choice in terms of your electives, if you are willing to put in the work and want to be guaranteed co-op than look into re-applying. I'm not sure if you can switch over and apply now, also regular BBA at Laurier isn't guaranteed co-op, you must compete with others for a spot based on GPA, ECs, work experience, and your interview to land a position.
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