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Okay so the ABS form, if anyone is unfamiliar with, helps you get in programs even if your within 3% of the cutoff. I applied to BBA and BA econ and accounting. Im at an 83.83% and so im qualified for both. Having a perfect ABS seems unlikely for me, which means i would not make the BBA, so how long will their selection process take? I am anxiously waiting for the acceptance.... I know I've said this before, but

[size=9]I FEEL LIKE PUNCHING A F****** BABY!![/size]

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Majority of the ABS admissions finished this Friday. You'll probably get into econ.
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I'm waiting too. It's comforting knowing there are others in the same situation. Though, it's not a good situation to be in.

I hope both of us get it soon though. Good luck.
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