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Law, Ethics and Society at University of Toronto!

A photo of Rockerchick94 Rockerchick94
Hey :)
Does anyone know the cutoff for Humanities, Law Ethics and Society??

&& Does anyone know what the program is about specificially ?
Is it too difficult, etc. etc.

Any personal experiences or stories ?

Any info on the program will be appreciated :)

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I'm not personally in Ethics, Society and Law, but my close friend is and I've talked to her quite a lot about the program. She found it intellectually challenging (and she's said that there are quite a lot of readings), but not unmanageably difficult. My friend is going to law school at Queen's in the upcoming fall, so I would say it's definitely good preparation for a future career :), though not all ES&L students go on to study law of course. From what I know of the program from the Arts and Science calendar, it's quite interdisciplinary and you will be able to choose courses from a mix of many different fields, including (but not limited to) philosophy, economics, criminology, poli sci, religion, history, environmental studies, etc. So if you're someone who loves many disciplines, ES&L could be a great choice! Also, in your third and fourth years ES&L has their own courses, which are usually really small seminars in which you'll be able to have a lot of interactinos with your profs.

You can find a lot more information at their website.

Note that you only apply to your major/minor programs after you've finished first year. So in first year, you'd just be considered a humanities student. However, you'd choose courses that you're interested in and that would allow you to get admitted into the ES&L program. According to the calendar, you'd need "an average grade of B in three FCEs selected from 100-level courses that that count under the Faculty's Breadth Requirement as Thought, Belief and Behaviour courses or as Society and Its Institutions courses". If this sounds complicated, worry not. You can always call or go to your college registrar (after you've been accepted) and ask them more information about your program. The other thing is that you'll also be able to choose another major program or another two minor programs to supplement your ES&L degree, so you can pursue another interest as well, whether that's English or Chemistry or Equity Studies or IR or ANYTHING! Hope this helps :D.
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A photo of Rockerchick94 Rockerchick94
This helped SOOO much!
Thanks alot, much appreciated (:
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