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Leadership activity ideas?

A photo of VMclarenMercedes VMclarenMercedes
After looking through University requirements for joining Commerce programs across Canada, a lot of them asked for extra curricular activities revolving around team work and leadership (especially Queens). Now I live in a town, with little opportunity to get involved. A lot of my friends do plenty of extra curricular activities, but they are all in Christian youth groups which I cannot be a part of.

So that's why I came here. Does anyone have any ideas to get involved with leadership activities in or around the community? The only idea I have is joining Student Council, but I need other ideas just in case.
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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
Pretty much every single club in your school will be able to be a "leadership activity". If your school is lacking in clubs or it's too late to become a part of the leadership staff, try being ballsy and creating your own club.

In the community, I'd suggest volunteering at camps or joining student associations (which I guess sort of count as a student council).
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A photo of Redprince Redprince
Junior Achievement is the best leadership activity that I know off. It is an outside school activity, see if it is offered near where you live.
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A photo of VMclarenMercedes VMclarenMercedes
No Junior Achievement, DECA or anything. Our school only has limited clubs such as the Magic Club (some card game) and the Interact Club (Charity giving). I'm already part of the interact club, but I don't know if that will be enough.

The only EC's I have are:

Nippising University Stock Market Competition, Sprott Business Competition by Carelton finalist and past 3 years attendee. And racing at Mosport International Raceway.
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