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Licensed Practical Nurse Program at Vancouver Community College

A photo of AimeeFrying AimeeFrying
So I have course planning coming up this week, I have to pick courses for my Grade 12 year. I am trying to get into Licensed Practical Nurse Program at VCC. Their requirement says I need a C in Bio 12, a math and english test. I was actually planning to drop Grade 12 math, because I have been struggling with math for the past few years, but I was worried that I might need it to get in to the program. Except, it doesn't really say I would need Math 12.. so I was wondering if anyone knows if I would need to take Math 12, or have the knowledge of Math 12 to get into the Licensed Practical Nurse Program?
Thanks! :)
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
If it says you need it, you need it. I think sometimes schools will let you in without it, but you have to make a REALLY good case about why you didn't take it... and "i didn't do well in math" isn't a good enough of a reason. Math is really important for nursing - especially if you ever plan on giving out meds, which you probably will.,
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
Program Specific
1) Grade 12 graduation (all applicants MUST have either Grade 12 graduation or the GED)

2) Biology 12 (Human Biology) grade of C or equivalent within the last 5 years

3) Proof of English Language Proficiency which includes a Canadian Language Benchmark of Listening 8, Speaking 8, Reading 8, and Writing 7

4) Successful completion of the VCC Health Sciences Math Assessment http://www.vcc.ca/assessments

this is what i found on their website. since you don't have to take the course make sure you find out what's on the math assessment
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I have friends who are looking at VCC's nursing program, as well as Kwantlen's.
I'm pretty sure you don't need it, but I think it's recommended, alongside with Chem 12.
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