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Life Sci admissions query.

A photo of AdmiralIrish AdmiralIrish
I was just wondering whether or not my current grades would qualify me to be accepted to several Life Sci programs.
My marks are (Probably won't move much from here):

English - 92
AP Chemistry - 87
AP Biology - 90
Adv. Functions - 85
Band - 97
Repertoire - 100

That averages out to 91.8%

The programs that I'm wondering about are Mac Life Sci, UWO Biomed, and UofT Life Sci
As well as Mac Arts & Sci, if you would know anything about that.

Thanks for the help!
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3 replies
A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
You're good for all of those programs. Mac artsci will depend more on the supp app, but your average meets their academic requirements.
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A photo of Samiam991 Samiam991
Back when I was applying to Undergrad in 2008? I had the same picks as you;but in my case I also had the University of Guelph-Biomedical science.

From what I remember mac Life science cut off was 84-86%, Guelph was 85+, Toronto not entirely sure. they take in a large quantities of students some of my friends got in with high 70's, Western was also 85+. So based on this I'm sure you will get in all the programs you applied for.

Congrats to "inthemaking" for getting into Veterinary school, that is a very competitive program which only takes a small number of applicants in.

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A photo of Paridhi Paridhi
You have a good average, and you will most likely get admitted into your desired universities. However, make sure you still have some extra curricular activities that you can use for essays and scholarships.

Good luck. :)
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