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Life Sci at Mac or Bio-Med at Western?

A photo of pattycakes pattycakes
So I would really like to get into Health Sciences at Mac but knowing that getting in is the same chance of winning the lottery, I obviously need a back-up plan.

So, what would be the better program? Life sci at Mac or Bio-med at Western? In the future, I would like to get into Med school, optometry, or speech language pathology.

Any suggestions?

Thanks :D

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A photo of Loriana Loriana
So I am applying to the same programs as you, but I know for sure that Health Sciences at Mac is so much better. Ive also heard the most students who apply have 95% averages, so Im doubting on applying. What is your average?
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A photo of pattycakes pattycakes
Well I am a fifth year student so I have already completed my six required courses last year; I have an average of 95.5%. But I wouldn't count yourself out. If you have over 90% and a very strong supplementary application, your chance of getting in is much greater than a 95% student with not as strong of a supplementary application. The supp. appl. is huge, I know a couple of people who have gotten in with an average below 95. Actually, last year only one person from my school got in and she had an average lower than 3 of my friends who didn't get in!

I just wish they could accept more than 160 students lol!! :P
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A photo of xXxUfacStorAxXx xXxUfacStorAxXx
First of all you need to LOVE the problem based learning and group work at Mac BHSc. Please be logical. Do you not see a logical correlation between the entering averages and where students end up going? Obviously if you take a bunch of 95+ average kids (well, a whole bunch of them, the entire class is not 95+) and put them in a single class they will end up having a high graduation % to professional schools.

So, it's not the program, it's the students.

Second of all, when you are deciding between Mac and Western you need to visit. The campus culture, location, size of student body, etc. are very different at both universities. You need to find your 'fit'. You can get into med school/professional school from either university. People also do better in places + programs that they enjoy fully.
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A photo of clarab clarab
I'm in first year Biomed at Western, so I can answer any questions you have about the program/campus/residence, whatever really.

It's a good program, classes are challenging, there is a good mix of students on campus. All in all, a great place to be in my opinion.
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A photo of pattycakes pattycakes
Thanks for all of your advice, I appreciate your feedback!

That's great that you are in Biomed at Western! How are the profs at Western? And are class sizes pretty reasonable?
In terms of campus/residence life, are you in a suite or traditional style. I went to a campus tour and I really liked the suite style. What do you think? And how is the food, lol?
And one more question, is Western as much of a party school as it is made out to be? Not that I really care, but I don't want to be overly distracted to the point that I do not get any studying done.

Thanks :D
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A photo of clarab clarab
Honestly, I love Western.

For Profs, theres a mix of really, really exceptional ones, and not so great ones. You just have to be smart when you're choosing. The first year Bio Prof is incredible. His lectures are absolutely amazing, honest to god, I love his classes so much. However, he writes exceptionally difficult exams.
Again, class sizes vary. First year chem and bio are huge classes in NCB 101, if you took a tour of campus you probably saw this lecture hall. My bio lecture has around 750 people in it, chem has around 400-500. Calc and Physics are quite a bit smaller. However, don't let lecture size turn you off: the profs are still really great about answering questions in class and holding office hours.
Tutorials and labs are significantly smaller too, with around 30 people in each section.

I currently live in Medsyd, and I absolutely love it. Best Res. Ever. But seriously, all the residences at Western are pretty sick. Suite style is great, especially having your own kitchen and room. Traditional is incredible too- there's always someone around to talk to.
Food in Rez is decent- I can't really complain. There's always vegetarian options if you're into that, there's a sandwich bar where you can make whatever kind of sandwich you want, salad bar, regular hot food options, and on certain nights of the week they have differently themed bars such as pasta bar, stir-fry bar, etc. I really can't complain, I visited some of my friends at other universities and their food was waaaaay worse.

Parties at Western are overrated. For about the first month and a half, parties were happening alot. Then people got their midterm marks back, and they died down alot. They're all pretty tame though honestly, and I know that in suite style if you want to avoid the parties, just keep your door to the suite shut and noone will try to come in. I mean, it is university, parties do happen, they can be tons of fun, but you can also avoid them if you want to. It's your choice really.

haha, I think I covered all the bases there!
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I'm a 3rd year in health sci at Mac. Feel free to ask me any questions about the program/students/Mac in general.

Just wanted to address the whole "need a 95% average" thing though..all you need is a 90% average and then your average won't even be looked at for the rest of the application cycle unless they need a tiebreaker between you and another student with the same ranking of the supplementary application. Basically the admissions process goes like this: students with 90%+ average in one pile, students with <90% rejected. Then they blind everyone to the marks of the applicants and just look at the supplementary application (which is looked over by several people..upper year health scis, profs, Dean etc) and give rankings (1-7). Students with a supp app ranking of 7 are accepted, regardless of whether they have 90% or 99% averages. It's only when they get down to two students both with (let's say) a 5 and can only accept one - then they look at their averages. I have a friend who applied to BHSc the same year as me and he had a 98% average and was rejected. I also have friends in the program who came in with 92% averages. So it all comes down to your supplementary.

With regards to life sci at Mac vs biomed sci at Western..I didn't even apply to life sci at Mac but I did apply to biomed sci at Western as my backup, so I would suggest Western.
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A photo of susanlee729 susanlee729
I agree with clarab
but go to the univeristy where you feel like you belong, where you can see your self going there
I know some people feel like they don't really belong and are very home sick.
Even if it is known to be a great school, you won't do well if its not for you.
Any of your choice are prestigious school so you will do great

Good luck and hopely you get into mac for health sci:)
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