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Life Science vs. Health Science

A photo of dhsiung dhsiung
What is the difference between these two in university ?

If i want to become a doctor, while would i apply to ?
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A photo of michaelplease michaelplease
Many of the courses in both programs will be the same, especially if you want to become a doctor (prerequisites for medical school).

The difference is that health sciences focuses on human health, so you'll study more human physiology/anatomy/perhaps some pharmocology, etc. If you do life sciences, you can study anything biology related: biochemistry, zoology, botany, ecology, cellular and molecular biology, etc.

You can apply to either and still fulfill the prerequisites for medical school. Actually, you can do almost any major and still qualify for medical school (as long as you plan well... might have to do some summer school though.) So choose what you are most interested in!
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
Both can lead to med school. Life sci is more broad (you can cover all the sciences). At Mac, life sci isn't just bio related, you can major in biochem/chem bio/chem/physics/psych/biopsych/molecular bio and genetics/physiology etc after doing 1st year life sci. Whereas Mac health sci is more focused on health care/medicine (you take anat&phys, pathoanatomy, pathophysiology, critical appraisal of medical literature, epidemiology, immunology, virology, etc). UWO health sci is completely different, it's a social sciences program (for people who want to go into health policy, public health etc). So you'll have to do some research on the curriculum of health sci programs because it may not be a science program, if that's what you want to apply to.
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