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A photo of zainy1993 zainy1993
Hey, do u think my marks are good enough to get into the life science programs I applied to, because so far i havent got any offers and all my friends have.

First Semester:
Adv Functions: 88
Business: 90
Chemistry: 83

Second Semester:
Biology: 87
Physics: 84
English: 82
Calculus: 83

Do you think they're good enough for Mac Life Science. Should i send an extenuating circumstance application, since I came to Canada this year only, in Grade 12 from Pakistan so it was kind of hard adjusting to a new "system".
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A photo of lauramartinez93 lauramartinez93
I also applied to 3 Life Sciences programs and I was also panicking because I was receiving no offers :/ However I finally did receive one from U of T :) My marks are like yours, just way lower in adv functions but I still got in! :D

Don't forget that this is one of the programs that the most people apply to, so it takes a long time for them to go through every application. But not to worry, have faith :)
You've worked this hard, and you will get in. :cheers:
Good luck!
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A photo of zainy1993 zainy1993
I hope so, my marks arent looking that good on paper at the moment. I'm just hoping that Mcmaster's cut off will drop from last year, 87% thats insane. I'm writing the extunating application by the way, don't wanna take any chances.
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