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Life Sciences at UTSG or UTM ?

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Okay, so I'm planning to go into life sciences (yes, very cliche, I know, I know...), but I don't know if I should apply for the program at UTM or St. George campus...
I've heard that at UTM, the pros are that the class sizes are smaller, so you get more interaction with your prof or classmates, and it's closer to where I live, so you save lots of money without having to do a long commute...but the cons are that they don't have a wide range of course offerings like UTSG and it's like going into another high school, you don't get the "university experience".

With UTSG, the pros are that it's a really reputable campus, they have a wider range of course offerings, and you get the uni experience, and you get to know the downtown area...the cons are that it's far, and commuting takes time AND money, two things which could be spent well in other ways, and, there are huge class sizes...

So which one?!
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From what I have heard from my friends at UTM, you most certainly DO get the "university experience". I'm also told UTM is like its own little town, separate from the city of Mississauga.

I don't think it will be much like high school, and I definitely think the smaller class sizes are a huge plus. Super-large first year classes, quite frankly, suck.

The only advantage I can see to UTSG is the wide range of courses. But then I don't like big cities, which is why I'm not in Toronto. ;)

If I were in your shoes, I would choose UTM. But only you know which campus is right for you.
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There are advantages and disadvantages to large class sizes. I personally like being anonymous so that I can sit there and only half pay attention. I also really liked getting to know my professors in 4th year. But being the only blond girl in my class kind of helped with them knowing who I was, in addition to acing the class.
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