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Life sciences question

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Ontario Secondary School Prerequisites

ENG4U, MCV4U. Recommended: SBI4U and SCH4U. Many programs also require or recommend SPH4U. Particular attention is paid to English and calculus.

If a course, for example Chemistry is recommended, does it have to be in your top six courses? Thanks!
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Nope, they recommend so you have the basics for their courses. They will use Calculus and English, then your next best four courses.
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It would be to your advantage it take the reccomended courses though.
I don't know how you're going to survive Life Sci courses like Chem and Physics without any prior knowledge in them.
And I do believe for any Ontario university, you need English, Calc & Vectors, as well as 2 sciences.. THEN it's your next 2 highest marks.
At least that's what it is for U of T and Waterloo.
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