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Limit to "M" Courses?

A photo of Gucci Gucci
Would I be fine with lets say... 5 M courses and 1 U course (English) when applying to universities for their BA programs (UofT English, Geography, York English, etc)
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A photo of kraken kraken
some stipulate that a certain number have to be U... I think I've seen 4 U required but maybe it's 2, not sure.

definitely check on the schools' websites (or ask at the university fair or something)
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A photo of Linday19 Linday19
I think you should be fine, I'm fairly certain the only University that limits the amount of "M" courses is McGill. Just look at the specific requirements on the University's website.
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A photo of SassyAmbivalence SassyAmbivalence
McGill Hopefuls: We need 4 U courses.
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A photo of TheGirlSmiles TheGirlSmiles
I know for Queen's you need at least 3 (ENG4U and 2 more 4U courses), not too sure about other universities, though.
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