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lol wow ubc..

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it gave me an offer to UBC O management, and asks if i still want to be considered for the BCOMM..

i got accepted to queen's, and ivey..
is ubc that competitive
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Unfortunately yeah, it's different from the east coast where there are numerous schools like ivey queens schulich desautels, etc. Over on the west coast, competition is fierce because there's just ubc and sfu. It's been even crazier, especially with the ever increasing number of immigrants from asia driving up the competition :)
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Comments I've heard so far about the Management program at UBCO: Small class sizes, intimate learning environment, great interaction with the students, great campus life, etc. The program was recently accredited by the AACSB so rest assured you'll be taught just as well as any other Canadian business school. Also, they're about to complete a 14500-sq, $68M building next year for both business and engineering students. In terms of employment, I'm not sure which companies recruit there, but is definitely not up to par with Sauder. Unless UBCO offers you a gigantic scholarship, I'd recommend that you stick with either Queen's or Ivey.
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A photo of TooSmooth TooSmooth
I am a little confused:

It says that I am accepted into UBC arts.
It asks:
Yes, I accept this offer
No, I do not accept this offer

Underneath it says that I am waiting on a decision form sauder.
It asks:
Yes, I still want UBC to consider my application for this program
No, I want to cancel my application to this program

If I select that I want ubc to consider my application for commerce it prompts me to make a selection in the top choice as well.

How can I tell them I want to wait for sauder without accepting or declining my offer from arts?
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Some universities play hard to get to appeal to their niche of mysterious bad boys, such as yourself.
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