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London Hall move-in day

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Hi. I know the Sophs move our stuff into our rooms... but someone told me that family members (parents) aren't allowed in the residences on moving day. Is that correct?

My parents wanted to take me out to lunch after I got moved in. Is this pretty standard or would I want to stay at the residence the whole day for frosh-type activities?

I was told to move-in on Sept 5.... is there a time of day specified depending on the initial of your last name?

And last question: Are our rooms within the suite assigned already? Or do you choose them yourself?

Actually THIS is the last question: Classes start on the Thursday but that is in the middle of o-week. Will there be o-week activities that I will miss while in class?

Thanks for your help!
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A photo of kdesjardins kdesjardins
So I'm not a Soph or anything but Ill do my best.

From my understanding your parents will be able to enter the residence and help you get settled in. However, when you arrive at London Hall you will be taken elsewhere for registration (and such) while Sophs will unload your vehicle and carry your items to your room. During this time you will be separated from your parents while they park the car. After that I am almost positive they will be able to walk back to the residence and join you in your room.

You can find the time to move in on here by your last name:

You are given an assignment room within the suite, you cannot change.

Everyone has classes on Thursday and Friday, I'm assuming that most (important) o-week events will be at night.

Goodluck! :)
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kdesjardins covered it pretty well. Parents are welcome to help you settle into your room! But it's true that you will be checking in (getting your key, O-Kit, etc) while your parents park. After that you are free to do whatever you want, but be back by 4 because that's when move-ins end and O-Week events begin! Generally people will start mingling in the hallways throughout the day, but you wont miss any official stuff, so definitely go out for lunch if you like!

On Thursday and Friday, there will be no events that everyone will attend as a group, but there will be charity and Team USC activities on concrete beach I believe. So you can hang out there between classes. The major events will be in the evening, so hopefully you don't have night class!

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