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london hall?

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i got assigned here and am not sure how i feel about it. how many floors are dedicated to first years? i'm worried it won't be very fun.
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London is all first years, just like all the other rezes. That is 14 beautiful floors dedicated to first years. And even more sophs who are incredibly pumped to meet you (45 days!). It is going to be a phenomenal year filled with tons of events and shenanigans you can't even anticipate. So be ready to get involved and meet tons of new friends, and just have an all-round awesome time.

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:bom: well you certainly make it sound fun! lol. that's reassuring that the whole building is first years... i don't know why i thought it was split. maybe we'll give med-syd a run for their money in the school spirit game. i heard that they were the kings of spirit.

i have a few questions if you don't mind...

do most people in suites buy a meal plan or no? in the online tour of london hall, i saw the great hall... what is that used for? the communal lounge looked fairly small... is it used much for group tv watching? is it common to have floor parties as in traditional rezes?

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Yes, med-syd is known for their spirit (and for good reason), but we're hoping to make an impact!! You can check out a few things here if you like, and our website's still in the works but hopefully will be up soon.

Meal plans are mandatory in London Hall, so yes, and going to the cafe is an excellent bonding opportunity for everyone. But since we have kitchens too, we can do potlucks too!

The great hall is used for events, so anything open to the whole building basically. You'll be there a few times during O-Week, and then for lots of stuff throughout the year for Halloween events, etc. We're also hoping to get Zumba there each week. And then during exam period it becomes a 24-hour study room, which is the best thing ever because you can just roll out of bed and go study without putting real clothes on haha

Because London was designed for upper-years (who tend to not socialize with their floor much), there are only two lounges. But this isn't really a problem because our suites are big enough to fit a lot of people and most suites have TVs. So the lounges are generally just for large potlucks and playing ping pong or fussball.

Yep, floor parties are normal. Pretty much any Friday or Saturday you can wander down the hall and find one or two suites where everyone is concentrated And if there isn't much happening yet, then you can start it!

I hope you are getting excited!! I know I am :)
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