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looking for help with school money

singleb mother trying to go back to school.
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Apply for OSAP, because they will most likely give you more money and more grants since your 're a single mother and have a child. Depending on what school you plan on attending, they'll have scholarships and entrance bursaries and money awards to anyone who applies for them.
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Apply for OSAP, scholarships, look for off campus housing and buy/borrow used text books. Also check if your school has co-op opportunities, it'll pay off a large sum of your tuition. All that combined you'll be good. :)
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thinking about lambton college, i hope i do get osap i dont know how else i  could afford to go
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i got some shades from lambton js
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What the hell is wrong with you? Even if it's an online forum, how can you say such a cruel and insensitive thing to an already struggling single mother, who's looking to take care of her child and fund an education for herself?

Seriously, get out of your parent's house and try living on your own for a bit. You have a lot of growing up to do.
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