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LORAN/TD scholarships

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I'm in grade 11, just looking ahead for scholarships. I know people who go for LORAN and TD have to be great at what they do, but I just want to see if I am on track to even be considered for either of these scholarships. Chances please?

CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY: Last year my local chapter launched a pilot program at high schools for youth involvement. This year I expanded it to my school. I am the rep and club founder. We organize events to raise funds and awareness for cancer-related issues, especially those geared towards youth. We have lots of opportunities for people to earn volunteer hours. I am also the youth representative for the regional volunteer conference organization committee 2012. Some other committees I sit on are the youth stream and leadership stream. I'd also like to do something independently for the CCS this year. Still working on that.

I helped re-found my school's International Affairs club after our teacher sponsor retired. I'm one of the leaders and we organize events for humanitarian relief. In past years it's been pretty small scale, but this year I'm trying to take it up a notch. This needs more planning, but so far we have organized food drives and raised enough money to purchase a UNESCO water well in Africa.

I'm involved with a UN-affiliated international humanitarian aid organization and I started a local group branching off of it at my place of worship. Until now we have just organized coat drives and such, so I'm still waiting for the required training to actually be involved with their specific projects. I'm hoping to do something with Haiti and Pakistan relief. I really want this to go well -- everyone seems pretty enthusiastic about it!

Other stuff: executive for school events, volunteer tutor, hospital/library volunteer, teach language classes at my place of worship, DECA provincial qualifier (3rd place regional), involved in medical school mentorship program... etc etc etc

I might add more info later, but this is the major stuff, I guess. Please let me know what I can do to improve my chances or just to stand out. Thanks!
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This looks good. Just keep up what you're doing and continue to put energy into the activities that you're most passionate about.
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Alright, thanks very much! Do you know the calibre of the students who usually win these types of scholarships?
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