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Loran-URGENT Question

A photo of kitkat1 kitkat1
When it says the applications (for sponsored applicants) must be received by October 19th, 2011: Is it ok if they receive on the afternoon of the Wednesday?
Also does anyone know their operating times- for the Richmond hill committee; mailing from Toronto by Xpress post.
Thanks and sorry if it may sound as a dumb question, but very important to me. Please reply asap!
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A photo of CanadaBoy CanadaBoy
I would send it so it gets there the day before, to be honest. With your area committee being in Richmond Hill, there really is no excuse for your application to be late as it takes one day for Xpresspost to get from Toronto to RH.
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A photo of sarahml3 sarahml3
Another urgent question.
My application form for the Loran award is complete except I'm missing the signatures of my guidance counsellor and principal. I was told that my school would sponsor me but I can't get their signatures because they are out of town for the next two days. This means that I will not be able to get my application in on time because expresspost can't deliver to the evaluation centre that quickly (it is about 3 hours away). Is there anything I can do about this?
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