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Low GPA - Any chances?

A photo of 4thefuture0101 4thefuture0101
Hey guys, new to this forum.
I am currently in my last year of BSc - Biology, undergraduate studies and due to a few unforeseen circumstances in my first two years, my undergraduate GPA is completely shot.
Currently: 2.7 GPA (roughly)

My passion has been health sciences since I was young, of course then, I was adamant on being a doctor. I know that it's near impossible to reach that goal - and I'm not trying to be pessimistic.

I work 30-40 hours a week, in a patient care facility, and am not eligible for any loans so I was responsible for paying tuition. I know what I want to do, and I know I'm not stupid. I just made a few stupid mistakes and I'm paying the price for it now. My GPA in my last year of university was excellent. With that being said, what are my options now? I don't if i should retake courses, apply for a post-bac program, or re-do all the prerequisites at another institution and use solely these marks to apply elsewhere. I apologize for being long-winded with the post, but any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
Have you taken the MCAT yet? If so, how did you do?

It's not impossible for you to get into med school but you won't be able to apply out of undergrad for sure and it'll take a lot of changes/hard work; it's also going to take longer than you probably anticipated. You will probably have to redo all your prereqs (though some med schools may not accept repeated courses - you'll have to check with each of the schools individually), so I would take a 5th year of undergrad to improve your GPA. Then I would apply to a Master's/PhD program and strive for a 4.0 GPA so you can show that your marks have an upward trend. After that, I would apply to med school.

Unfortunately, the more courses you take, the harder it is to improve your GPA, so it will be an uphill battle. But with a great MCAT + interview + LORs + upward trend (even if your cumulative ends up only being 3.2-3.4), you have a shot of getting in at least somewhere (Northern med school, Carribean med schools etc).
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Consider looking into another Health Care profession!
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A photo of larissa42 larissa42
maybe this might make you feel better. came across it one day, its a bunch of low gpa doctor success stories. enjoy

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