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mac life sci aceptance

A photo of flamerx3 flamerx3
would these top 6 fulfill requirements
exercise sci
advanced functions

i have a calculus mark, an old adv func msrk and an updated one...
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A photo of computerengineer computerengineer
Well, the requirements are:
ENG4U; SBI4U; one of MHF4U, MCV4U; one of MHF4U, MCV4U, SCH4U, SPH4U.

Applicants without MCV4U will take an equivalent calculus course in Level I.

So, you should be good. Whats your top 6 average though. If your calculus mark is low, Im not sure if they'll take that or something else from the prerequisites options.
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A photo of flamerx3 flamerx3
Bio 97
Chem 94
Ex sci 96
Eng 84
Law 98
Adv func 95

My calc mark was 74, so would this mark have any effect? And my old adv func mark was 70
They would not consider my physics mark right, as it is lower than my chemistry
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A photo of mccannca466 mccannca466
If you repeat a course, then they look at the highest mark. You have fulfilled all the requirements, so they won't bother with your physics mark. And your total top six average is a 94%. That is a great mark! I had applied to this program as well and spoke directly with an admissions counsellor. The cut off this year is an 89%, so you are well above the cutoff range.

Congratulations! Expect an offer mid May! :) Have fun at Mac! I work there, and it is a fantastic school.
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A photo of flamerx3 flamerx3
i got accepted this morning (Y)
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