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A photo of zainy1993 zainy1993
Do u guys think I'll get into Mac Life Sci? I haven't got my offer yet, and ive heard that the majority of people who applied to life sci got their offers yesterday. What are my chances of getting into the program? I also applied to environmental science and got in, but my main aim is to go into its life sci program so how hard is it switch into the life sci program after first year, cuz ive heard that the first year at Mac everybody takes generally the same courses? What GPA do u have to maintain to switch into the life sci program?

First Semester:
Adv Functions: 88
Business: 90
Chemistry: 83

Second Semester:
English: 80
Biology: 84
Physics: 80
Calculus: 77

Top 6 Average 84.2%
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A photo of AbinahTee AbinahTee
I don't think you could get into Mac Life Sci with that avg, I know the avg. this year is 86+ but Waterloo's program is really good it offers co op and Mac doesn't even offer that.
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A photo of zainy1993 zainy1993
Hmmm, Well I didn't get into co-op for life science at Waterloo. I think I'll just go to U of T, ill just study really hard there and try to get a good GPA.
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A photo of Bluesharpies Bluesharpies
I.... don't think so. :x

If you DO get in, it was a close one.
Coincidentally, though, the minimum average McMaster told me I need to maintain to keep the acceptance I already have is an 84, so you never know.
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