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Mac vs. UoT vs. UW EE

A photo of LRooke LRooke
I've applied to these three universities, and I will probably get an offer for a spot in EE/ECE from each of them. As of now I have no intention of pursuing graduate studies, and I intend to head out into the workforce after I get my Bachelor's(I MIGHT stay an extra year for a Business minor/MBA).

I attended the various open houses and I liked Mac A LOT. UoT seemed too crowded and impersonal, and UW too stodgy(no offense), but the McMaster campus was quiet and peaceful without too many distractions near by.

My question basically boils down to this: Is UoT/UW's academic reputation for undergraduate studies really that much superior to Mac's that employers would look more favourably on an applicant from them as compared to an applicant from Mac? TBH I intend to spend as little time on the technical side of things as I can.
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A photo of menjeco777 menjeco777
sounds to me like you are interested in having fun. take it from me. I was in ECE at u of t, and ive recently switched into economics. Go to mac, I have a friend who is at mac for engineering and he really enjoys his time there, the people seem to be more friendly and the environment is generally a LOT AND I MEAN A LOT less competitive. if you hate yourself and want to do nothing but work your ass off, and assuming you are one of pretty much everyone at u of t engineering who has taken IB/AP calc, etc come to u of t for ece. If however like me you are but a humble student who has taken only the Ontario curriculum calc, physics, chem. then go to mac. Also assuming you are a male, if you enjoy little to no female interaction and then go to u of t. most of the females in ece are either indian or chinese and not much can be said about the level of attractiveness. TRUST ME go to mac. UW doesnt seem that bad either. I couldn't say for sure.
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A photo of menjeco777 menjeco777
also generally when comparing u of t to mac there is a difference but not a huge one, in terms of job placement. You will find one, and you will enjoy your time more at mac.
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A photo of LRooke LRooke
Thanks. It's not that I detest studying and prefer to slack off, but I'd prefer to spend time in a well-rounded environment rather than a hothouse. I've seen UW and UoT and they seem to be quite hectic.
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A photo of thePurpleEngineer thePurpleEngineer
Hi LRooke,

I've finished my third year at University of Toronto Electrical and Computer Engineering, and I'm on my PEY term this year.

I wanted to give you a bit of insight into ECE program at UofT.

1. Yes, you are right. There are no girls in ECE, but that goes with the field... There ARE no girls in ECE, you will have to go outside of ECE to find a decent girl. (+ even if they are hot, they tend to be too smart... if you want to get some, you want to go for a slightly less intelligent chick from arts, not an engineer)

2. You have this misconception that UofT Engineering students are all bookworms... That's not true at all... That's a horrible way to spend four years of your life in university. Contrary to popular belief, UofT Engineering has one of the best Skule(TM) life among universities. You can get involved in so many different clubs around school including Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad(sic), BEvERage and Food Committee, Blue & Gold, etc.

If Skule(TM) life isn't your thing, you can go outside of school to have some fun. Did you know that UofT is right smack in the Toronto downtown area?? There are so many fun things to do around campus.. pubs, clubs, random activities to do around the city...

We study harder as well as play harder than any other school in Canada.

3. UofT Engineering campus is quite small and has a tight-knit community of students. You are well aware that UofT Engineering is difficult. This actually brings the engineering students closer together... All because we share the pain and suffering that is UofT Engineering.

4. McMaster is not located in Toronto... If you really want to live and have fun in university, you want to be in a lively city...

If you've got some questions about University of Toronto, I'd love to answer them.

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