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Mac vs. UWO?

A photo of brandonroy brandonroy
So I was accepted to Mac for Life Sci in February and everything was good to go, I was excited, I saw the campus and loved it. In the meantime, about two weeks later I got accepted to the Health Sci program at Western and was thinking about doing a 5 year dual credit with the Richard Ivey School of Business.
So May rolls around and I still haven't accepted anywhere yet, and the day I was going to accept at Mac, I got an e-mail from Ivey saying I got AEO Status. So now I've got a dilemma again.
Can someone sway my vote, and I know it's my decision and only I can make it, and blah blah blah, but I want some solid points to help me choose!

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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
AEO status definitely sweetens the deal. You have the opportunity to end up with a degree from Ivey, which is worth a lot more than any life science degree alone (i.e. without any further education like professional school). It leaves a nice door open for you, that's for sure. That's about the only considerable difference I can think of.

Also, health science at Western is probably not what you want, if life science is what you applied to elsewhere. Biology/medical science is likely what you want.
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A photo of stack444 stack444
yeah, health sci at UWO is completely different than health sci at Mac, hope you know
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Western Western Western Western!! :D
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