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Macdonald Hall and L/A residence (university of Guelph)

A photo of jgrant93 jgrant93
I really want to get into one of these residences but i need a single room. Does anybody know what my chances of getting one would be? Also if anyone has stayed there I would love to here what it was like!:)
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A photo of tpenney12 tpenney12
Hi, I lived in Mills, in a triple, but a few of my friends were in Mac and L/A. They're both super nice residences. Mac is an all girls rez, which is nice, because it was always clean, and usually pretty quiet. The singles were pretty nice, and living in the north part of Guelph campus is amazing!
I've only been in L/A once, but it too looked really nice. The good thing about Guelph is that the residences are actually amazing. The rooms are clean, and big enough for you to have stuff..
However, if you're set on a single, you're probably going to end up in South because it has the most singles. They're actually really nice, and I have some friends who say that they were so happy to live there.
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A photo of jgrant93 jgrant93
Ok thank you for your help! :)
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