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Maintaining 80%: BMOS or Social Science

A photo of Retaw Retaw
I am thinking of going to Western next year in hopes of maintaining my AOE status. I would like my first two years to be as easy to attain 80%+ as possible. Would it be easier to get higher marks in BMOS or Social Science?

Neither program particularly interests me, I just really really want to get good marks easily :P.
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A photo of baller7 baller7
Im thinking about BMOS or Economics....

Are you attending the Ivey info night at various hotels across Ontario?
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A photo of yyang389 yyang389
The only programs I applied to at UWO are BMOS and bio-med, and I think if I want to maintain my AEO status choosing BMOS would be the smarter decision right? As for Retaw, what Social Science program are you talking about?

However, I just read somewhere on this forum that BMOS is all multiple choice which isn't exactly an attractive aspect to me (unless they turn out to be questions where answers are obbbbvious). What do you guys think of this?

And I'm also attending the info night at Vaughan on Tuesday
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A photo of Retaw Retaw
@yyang, I would assume BMOS would be easier than bio-med, but that's because I'm science challeneged :P.

But if BMOS is truly all multiple choice, then I don't know if that's really a good thing for me lol, I would much prefer to have the option of explaining my answers. I think I would go for psych if I went with Social Science (because it's apparently objective and easy).

I don't know if I'm able to attend the info night yet.
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