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Hi everyone!

I'm relatively new here but I have some questions, and I hope this is the right board to post on for this.
Alright, so, I am going into Grade 12 in September, super nervous even though I already did my ENG4U in July and did pretty well. I've been researching Universities since Grade 9 but over the last few months came to the conclusion of going to Carleton University in my hometown, cut costs of dorms and what not.
So, my main question is this I guess, I really love History and Communications, at Carleton there is a Bachelor of Arts Honours Program which I believe, from my understanding, means it's 4 years and I have a 20.0 credit load. Now, from my understanding, I can do a major and a minor, is this right? I want to major in Communications and have a minor in History and probably figure out my electives later from sociology, Spanish studies, anything else.
After reading over the website a few times, I'm pretty sure I can do this, but I was hoping someone on here is doing a course load similar to that or thought about it, and could possibly give me some pointers?

Such as, would there be a significant amount of course conflict? Should I make an appointment with Carleton directly and talk about it or would that just be wasting their time? And is it a huge course load?
And for people who've done those types of programs, was it worth it?

Sorry if I'm kind of scattered, I'm still a little confused about it all but I figured the sooner I get it cleared up, the easier it'll be.

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A photo of gigzak gigzak
Well, starters I wish you the best on completing grade 12, that alone is a task, i'm looking forward towards it as well. Continuing on, about Carlton and the course load your looking at. I myself have been wondering the same, cause that's were I'm aiming for as well. I talked to my guidance councilor whom says it's no problem to due but for some courses and programs you have to really be able to juggle your time. She also told me it would better to get advice from a member of the faculty, for better understanding.

I think you should give it a try, talking to someone there. It may seem silly, even a waste of time, but it has a more sure confident result you can rely on. As for how you balance your schedule is up to what kind of person you are. Having more information on how things work will help you decide if it's something you can do.

Good Luck :) :thumleft:
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