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Management Economics and Finance At U of Guelph (coop)

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Well this program called -management economics and finance at u of Guelph (coop) says it offers coop but I'm not sure if this coop is guaranteed with the program or what avg i need to get accepted to coop program... So if there is any one is in this program currently then can i get your feedback on this please...
so my questions to you are....
are you getting coop yes or know?
and if yes is it difficult to get?

Please and thanks
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:bigsmurf: Anybody :bigsmurf:
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I highly doubt anyone from this program will respond. There certainly are no active forum members in Guelph BComm.

If you apply for co-op and are accepted, you are guaranteed* co-op (although there is likely a minimum cumulative GPA requirement that must be maintained to stay in co-op, but these also exist for the program itself so not a big deal).

The asterisk is there because only being in the co-op program is guaranteed. There is no guarantee that you will get a job. The placement rate as best as I can tell is decent but not outstanding. The quality of the placements, in general, are lacking. That being said there is potential to get a great position and any position you can get will be of benefit to you. You have five terms, so even if you can't get a job in your first term, or can't get a very good position, you have plenty more co-op terms to work towards better placements.

Hope that helps.
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