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Management of student workload?

A photo of Keiser561993 Keiser561993
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A photo of Doorhandle Doorhandle
It sounds like a lot but you only have to be really intense about it until midterms, so hopefully you can hold out til then.
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A photo of snowman snowman
it does sound brutal, but yeah its only for 2.5 months. and at the beginning of the semester the teachers are somewhat easier and slower.
I got
Calculus and Vectors
large workload. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy..shyt
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A photo of blackjack blackjack
I guess depends on whether you like the subjects or not.
I go to a non-semestered school and one of the days i have:
HL Math
Data Management
HL physics
HL chem

It's not too bad since I like every subject except chem.
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A photo of Haru Haru
you have almost exactly what i had last semster.

calc and vectors
computer science

tough it may be but definitely doable. oh ya, i'm also taking a language course outside so don't think that extra english upgrade makes the difference. LOL. good luck!
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A photo of michaelplease michaelplease
You'll be fine if you work hard. I have a difficult full course load as well :]
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
That's not too bad, it depends how hard of a worker you are.
I think I have it worst than you..
I'm not at a semestered school, so I have all 8 courses at once.. plus I'm retaking Math..
so I have..

AP Calculus
AND Math...

all at once..
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A photo of safarhealthsci1 safarhealthsci1
I have
chemistry and calc..so I can relate
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
I'm semestered with Chemistry 12, Physics 12 and Calculus 12. I'm also hoping to replace my spare with Math 12, which I want to retake to improve my mark.
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A photo of kimm kimm
It dosn't sound impossible.
I have 12U calc, bio, and chem. Thank god I took a spare though or else id be dead haha.
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A photo of aimango aimango
i had calc phys econ and peer tutoring in my last sem at HS. it was pretty manageable. i think the work load youre tryin to handle mite be difficult though, depends on your accounting teacher.
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