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MArk not high enough

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Hi I am not sure where i should post this so if this is in the wrong sub-topic then sorry. So i applied to guelph for european studies and the mark required to get in is 78 average. after my first semester i finished with a 79 avg. but my english mark was a 71. so i was wondering if i could get into my course with only a 71 in english but with a 79% avg. or if i should take an online upgrade course to bring my english mark that would last until april
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A photo of Morggiebee Morggiebee
A 79% average already includes your 71% English mark so i wouldn't be too worried. However, if you really feel iffy because the marks are too close then go ahead and take it again to improve your marks. As long as it's not going to put too much stress on you in the long run then go ahead and improve it.
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A photo of brady23 brady23
Your fine. If you have a spare, I would redo English, but I don't think it is worth it to retake it if you must drop something else.
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thank you for replying, I got an offer of admission today from guelph so I guess I was worried for no reason
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