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marks + stress =?

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So I had a thread where I had my english at 65 in the end :( and the only choice was taking it online.. since classes are full..had to take 500$ out of my own wallet. But I was wondering what happens if I had a low mark in functions? I'll be honest since I'm just another random student on the internet looking for tips going to university I found myself stressed out about university and the pressure.

Recap of last semester: I screwed up. I had business management, Ta/co-op open course for the credit in order to graduate, english, and functions. I ended up with 85 in business, 81 in TA, 65 in english, and 68 in advance functions. Yes before you guys start flaming me for not trying I found it really stressful especially when I didn't have that extra spare to complete easy work. I lost my interest in english and math and didn't really want to see those dreadful courses again..

Now that I'm in my 2nd semester class I have : international business, calculus, and data.. I am already getting 82 in international business, 88 in calculus, and 80 in data. So far will I still be able to have a shot or should i just go back for another year in highschool? I know since I'm going into business at Western, UofT, york (early acceptance), and mcmaster calculus + data is more important then functions but that nasty functions mark I got really pissed me off. English is currently being worked on and trying to hopefully get an 80 online since I only have to do half of the assignments I did in class.
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It looks like the pressure of grade 12 is really taking a toil on you. I say try to gain back your interest for the subjects you're taking and stop thinking only about marks. Don't get discouraged about poor marks on a test/ assignment, instead look at what caused those marks and learn from those problems for your next test/assignment.

I don't really know the entrance averages are for the program you're applying to but I wouldn't think about coming back for another year until after midterms. You still have time to improve and there's no point in admitting defeat now.

Coming back for a victory lap isn't a bad backup plan but just don't think you have to make that decision now :)
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It can be really stressful when you focus too much on marks. When I was in grade 9 I was happy just to pass, and by the time I got into grade 12 I couldn't feel good about any mark below an 85. It makes life full of stress if you focus too much on grades, trust me. (Plus those online courses are a bunch of bull if you ask me. I had a friend who was really great at writing and failed Writer's Craft because it was online and she didn't learn anything.)

As far as going back for another year of high school goes, I did it and it was the best decision of my life. It might not be a good decision for everyone, as it depends on your situation, but I learned more about myself and my abilities in that last year than I had all through the other 4 years. So far, I'd say you're doing really well though so you should probably feel it out for a couple more months and make your decision then.

Ask yourself if you're ready to go away and if you feel prepared for university. You'll make the right decision in the end :)
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I felt very pressured to get high marks in grade 12. 90-95+. In first year, I am getting 70s and 80s, the odd 60, and the odd 90. I have skipped lots of classes in certain courses, sat at the back and slept in another, but in other courses, I wouldn't dare to skip or sleep b/c it's just too hard. There's more courses in uni and they're harder.

I am weak at multi-tasking so often I will completely drop my efforts in some courses for weeks on end if I have exams in others, and then come back and catch up. Many courses, I'll just read the text and not take notes.

Just figure out what works best for you.
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