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MAT137 OR MAT135? U OF T

A photo of menjeco777 menjeco777
HELLO im planning to get into financial economics at u of t st. George. and i need to take a math course..either mat135 or mat137. I was originally in engineering but i didnt like the environment. I was taking mat196 ece math. the concepts were not too difficult, however the pace and the crappy lecturer i had really messed me up. i still managed to do ok....i got a 50% on the midterm...the average was around 50% so relatively speaking i did ok. anyway now that im in economics, im wondering how mat137 compares to mat196 in terms of pace of learning? how fast does it go compared to mat196? is it harder than mat196? ...anyway any help would be appreciated, once again mat135 or 137? also i got a 92 in highschool calc so im fairly comfortable with math. not saying im a math genius either lol cause im definitely not.
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A photo of Chemistry Chemistry
I haven't taken MAT196 but looking from the final exam, MAT137 seems more proof based whereas MAT196 seems to lean more on the computational side. MAT196 does go faster than MAT137 as does any engineering calculus but you go deeper in MAT137.
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A photo of noxx98 noxx98
You'd probably be better off talking to a program advisor at your school.
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First of all, your high school calculus mark is in no way an accurate reflection of how you'll do in mat137. This course is challenging, but not that hard. Just make sure you practice a lot of questions from the textbook. The problem sets can be annoying too. My suggestion is if you willing to put in a ton of effort and learn more than just what is in the textbook, take 137. Otherwise, I'd go with mat135. But be warned, do not take 137 lightly or else, you will get pwned.
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A photo of menjeco777 menjeco777
i never said that my h.s calc mark was an accurate reflection, it was simply just to prove that im not an idiot when it comes to mathematics
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