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MAT157 or MAT137 at UofT.

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Anyone else stuck deciding between the two? Personally, I want to learn to start writing proofs as soon as possible. Analysis I(MAT157) sounds like a pretty fun class, but I have heard horror stories of, apparently, math olympiads failing out of the class and dropping it.

Anyone who's taken the class or an equivalent class at a different school care to chime in? Would it be foolish to take a proof-heavy class coming just out of high school? If I were to take MAT137 (for general math and physics streams), then I won't be allowed to take a proof-y class until third year.
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Analysis 1 is fun, but if you are more into application, then I suggest you taking MAT137, because MAT157 is more proof oriented (and also much harder). I took MAT157, did great, but I saw 50 people dropping after first test (out of 150), and Im pretty sure at least 25 people failed or near failure. So result of MAT157 depends on prof (Prof Murty (head of Math Dept) has so much care and had higher surviving rate than any other year)
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