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Math 1600A and Biology 2299F/G in uwo

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what are this course like?

eg. hard, easy, tough, assignment, quizzes, lots of work in details
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I just commented in the UWO biomed thread, but if you want more detail on bio 2290:

There are 4 units, 3 weeks each, named for the prof that teaches it:

The essay portion of the course. Really time-consuming. 3 assignments:
-2 annotations of scientific articles
-scientific article
-library assignment (finding things, writing references, etc)

Lab techniques with bacteria, doing transformations, transductions, etc. Not very demanding, but the quizzes killed me. I also didn't do so well on this portion of the exam.
-2 quizzes
-practical test (pipetting, plating)
-Lab notebook

Doing spectrophotometry, microscopes, graphing. Really easy but takes some time to keep your lab book organized.
-2 quizzes (I think...)
-2 graphs
-Lab notebook

Group work on a specific experiment with bacteria. A lot of work. Just pray for a good group. You can choose it though.
-1 assignment
-Poster (a full scientific one)
-Lab notebook

The final covers Zab, Dean, and Krajnyk units and is all written, similar to the quizzes.

I may be missing things. It's hard to remember. Also if you're taking this think about the order of the units. The order above is what I had and it wasn't too bad, but a little stressful with K unit at the end. Much better than Gray or K during midterms though. If you want the order I had, it's sections 10, 11 or 12.
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Thank you for the information! :)

I have another question:
how are the quizzes like? are they lecture based quizzes? if so, what are the lectures are about? (eg. cell bio, genetics, etc)
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No problem!

The quizzes are based on class material, yes. For Zab and Dean there were calculations with dilutions and spectrophotometry. For Zab there was also a lot of conceptual stuff, and you had to apply the concepts to new situations. These were all pretty short quizzes. At least one of the K unit quizzes was open book, and you had to make a table and write about it, and there was also some stuff on hypotheses, etc. They are super specific about details in those, but it's all laid out in the lab manual. For the final it was pretty much the same (except no book of course).

Perhaps a better idea about the goal of each unit:
Gray - learn to find, read, understand, and write scientific literature.
Zab - learn basic lab techniques, design, execute and document your own experiment, understand basic transformation concepts.
Dean - learn to use microscopes, spectrophotometers, and other equipment, do dilutions, learn to make proper graphs, document things properly in your lab book.
Krajnyk - Emphasis on communicating the results of an experiment to the standards of the scientific community.
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thank you so much:cheers:
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