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Math in business

A photo of Pawnee Pawnee
What's the level of math one should expect from most business schools? Do most schools require that their students take pure math courses on top of business ones?
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A photo of erudite erudite
Most want you to take stats, calculus or both.
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A photo of EspoirSxH EspoirSxH
Finance needs more math I guess.
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A photo of caveman caveman
Normally you only take 1 math/calculus course and 1 stats course. Some programs might have 2 of either. You do have the option to take more, and there are some courses (usually electives) that are heavy in math (e.g. some econ courses).

If you are going into finance, it's often recommended that you take more and/or more difficult math courses. Some areas of finance are very-heavy, whereas accounting/marketing/etc. have more basic bath. That's why you see math/engineering students entering the finance field.

Check out the undergraduate calendars for schools you're interested in for more info. You'll see the required math courses, and often they'll say something like "students wishing to take XXX finance course in future should take YYY math instead of ZZZ math.
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