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Math, statistics, or civil engineering (trying again)

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Thank you all for the great advice in response to my last question. I've had a chance to think about things for a while and I feel a lot more confident now.

Basically, I've slacked off and failed to challenge myself academically. Having admitted that, I am trying harder now and I want to move forward. Originally I wanted to be an engineer...that seemed like too much work before but now I think I could do it. I can still do civil or electrical engineering if I take a class next summer (civil seems like a better fit to me). Or I can go for mathematics or statistics, where there is enough overlap that I don't need to pick now.

I like the practical nature of engineering and I like doing calculations; also, I would get a sense of redemption if I succeeded in that program. For math, the puzzle solving and very broad nature of the subject are nice. I wrote the AP Statistics exam and that was really fun...but I know the field is much more advanced than that, my dad works in a related area and it is all computers now.

As mentioned in my last post, I tend to struggle a bit with lack of structure in my life. The more flexible nature of the math/stats curriculum is kind of intimidating...but I am already on track for those programs and maybe this is just a step I need to take as part of growing up.

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