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Math/Business Double Degree

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I recently got into the program on the Laurier side and I was wondering how this program compares to other business programs such as Ivey, Queens, Mcgill, etc.
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A photo of AJP13 AJP13
Ivey, Queens, and Mcgill are known as stronger programs. They have a better brand name and as a result high level employers tend to go to them when looking for new employees coming out of university.

However, I still really like the DD program. First off, it offers a BBA from a second tier business school (which in my opinion is underrated) and a brand name degree in math from Waterloo. It also has mandatory and guaranteed co-op from the strong Laurier co-op program. This is the main attraction for the DD. Co-op is great because it offers job experience, a great chance to network, income, and a chance at a job in the future if you perform well. The program requirements aren't very strenuous either. A 7.0 (70%) for the business courses and a 5.0 (60%) for the math courses is what you need to stay in it. Which means that even though Waterloo Math is probably hell it is survivable. That being said better grades result in better co-op placement.

You also need to consider what you want to do in business. Queens and Ivey are better known for IB. Whereas Laurier is known for accounting and somewhat marketing. Also with the Waterloo math in hand you would have the capabilities to go into finance.

There is more general info on DD in a thread from a BBA/Bsc student:http://www.studentawards.com/Forum.aspx?g=posts&t=9427
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A photo of wtsmb wtsmb
May I ask what is your average you are sitting on right now?
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@wtsmb wrote
May I ask what is your average you are sitting on right now?

Me? I am at 92% and I think it is relatively safe to assume they have that or higher as well if they got in.
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