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Maths COOP at waterloo Or Mechanical engineering at U of t

A photo of dkherani dkherani
Hey guys
I am an international student. Got accepted for Maths coop at Waterloo and mechanical engineering at U of T.
I wanted to ask several questions.
As I have to pay a lot of fee
1, On average are people able to find placement. I mean Waterloo website claims the figure is from 85% to 99 % that people get job. But I think its a scam..Is it?

2, whats the better option ? waterloo maths or u oft engineering ?

Thanks in advance
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2 replies
A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
1. I dont know

2. Really depends on want to do. Math and engineering lead to different careers. If you want engineering then uoft is obvious choice unless your admitted to waterloo for mech, then its a bit of a toss up...IMO for mech eng id choose waterloo
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A photo of thePurpleEngineer thePurpleEngineer
1. From what I've heard, significant percentage of people in first year don't actually find a paid coop placement. (I'm pretty sure they count volunteer position in their 85% to 99% stats.)

2. Like 'pj2121' said, it's two very different fields that you are looking at. It all depends on what you like better. Would you like to go into a career in mathematics or mechanical engineering?? (*Hint* Become an engineer, it's a lot cooler.)
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