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MBBS in Canada?

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Hello forum,

If I am not accepted into medical school in North America, but if I receive an offer of admission to a school in the UK or Hong Kong which give the MBBS designation, what do I have to do in order to practice in Canada?
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Hi There

Same boat here but I have been looking towards Australia for the same MBBS. My research shows , it is easier and very important if you can do some of your electives in the final year in Canada. Some universities in Australia have connections with Mcmaster ,Western,UFT and UBC. There is also a deadline to apply for the electives at these universities.

Check out also the CaRMS website-Canadian Resident matching Service. You also have to sit for the Medical council exam.

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From what I understand, from my friends who are in medical school, it is EXTREMELY difficult to match back to Canada if you attend medical school elsewhere. There are very, very few resident spots for IMGs (International Medical Graduates). Even if you are a Canadian Citizen, it is extremely difficult to match back to Canada for residency if you go overseas for medical school. From what they tell me, however, if you attend medical school in the United States, you are considered a CMG (Canadian medical graduate) for the purposes of the match, as long as you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

So think very carefully before going overseas for medical school. If you are content practising medicine in the US, then going overseas isn't as much of an issue. If, however, you want to return to Canada, it is difficult, and becoming increasingly difficult, to return to Canada.
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