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MCAT prep courses at UWO??

A photo of varunjain11 varunjain11
I was just wondering what courses would I need to take at UWO so that I can prep for the MCAT? Please let me know ASAP. thank you
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A photo of kindayr kindayr
for first year:
1.0 bio
1.0 chem
1.0 physics
1.0 math

i think thats it
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A photo of freebird freebird
If you want to minimize your studying, taking the second year science courses will help (chem 2213 and 2223, Biochem 2280, cell bio 2382B, genetics). And take physiology to help even more.
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A photo of CatRunner CatRunner
For physics on the MCAT, the concepts tested don't go beyond what you learned in high school physics.

For the biological sciences, organic chemistry and physiology will certainly help.

For the verbal section, practice reading everything you can get your hands on, and truly understanding what you are reading.

Those are the pieces of advice I've received from friends who have written the MCAT.
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A photo of freebird freebird
^ True. Reading boring and challenging things, as well as philosophical material, would be very helpful.

Also, keep up with current events to help with the writing section. Pay particular attention to global events and the moral implications they may have.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
You don't need math for the MCAT.

You will need more than high school physics (more like engineering student level physics) but get a good prep book and you can teach yourself it. Taking orgo for the MCAT isn't really necessarily since there's usually only 1 or 2 orgo passages (out of 9) on the BS section (I only had 1 orgo passage).
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