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McGill - course question

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I was wondering something about courses that I should take.

I'm supposed to be in 2nd year, as I am transferring from UofT. I want to do Honours Linguistics with a minor in East Asian Studies. I'm having trouble getting Linguistics as an option when I declare my major, and I can't register for for psychology courses (which I need because I want to take Speech-Language Pathology), and I can't get into my linguistics courses because they're full and the waitlist thing is messed up for me (I couldn't register for courses until a day before incoming new students). It says I'm a Bachelor of Arts, when I'd prefer to be Arts and Science.

Anyway, I need to take Principles of Statistics MATH203, MATH 204. I'm not that good at math, but I need to take it. I also registered for the tutorial, but I'm finding it's so inconvenient.

I have only 4 courses per semester (24 credits a year), and I want to take 2 more because I need to work during the summer and I will probably be returning to Ottawa (I earn 21$/hour working at a hospital). I want to take Japanese, and it would work if I didn't have to take the statistics tutorial. I would have to go in early before school starts to take an entrance test, and even then I have to be one of the first people there to be guaranteed a spot in the class.

Should I take the statistics tutorial? Would it be better to take Japanese instead of it to get 5 credits per semester and make the most of my money? I really need to know if it's worth it.

Also, is there a way to change my degree to Arts and Science instead of Arts? To get the Honours option, do I go first to my department to ask them for permission to take honours (I know I need the permission), but after I ask them do they change the option for it so I can take it?

All my credits from UofT were transferred (30 credits, 5 full year classes).

Course registration and the degree is driving me out of my mind!
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Hi lingui!

I want to transfer out of UofT to McGill too! I'd like to know how the transfer process went for you. Do you like McGill so far? Is it worth transferring? And finally why did you transfer in the first place?
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