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McGill Admissions Ontario???

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Hello! So, I've applied to McGill's life sci program. I am a student from Ontario. I had a question about the courses McGill will accept for admission. On the site it says they will accept 6 U or M course with at least 4 at the U level in addition to all prerequisites at the U level. Now my question is in regards to the 2 courses you can have at the M level. They say they accept many performing arts courses (up to 2). But they exclude most applied/technical courses. What does "applied/technical" mean? I expect the following to be in my top 6:

Calculus and Vectors
Drama (M course)
The Environment and Resource Management (M course)

I am freaking out because I don't know if McGill will accept the Environment and Resource Management course. If anyone could please clarify this it would be much appreciated! Thanks! :)
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